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The word "portfolios" can have several different connotations, but one of its primary uses is in reference to a group of investments held by an investor or organization. Asset management companies commonly use the term, as do mutual funds. Financial portfolios can contain various investment types, such as stock, bonds, cash equivalents, mutual funds, and closed funds. These portfolios can be held directly by the investor, managed by financial professionals, or a combination thereof.

The word itself originates from the early 18th century, based on the Italian word "portafogli," which combines "portrare" (carry) and "foglio" (sheet of paper). A portfolio can also refer to a collection of art works or a carrying case for papers. For a financial portfolio, it refers to the pieces of paper that back the individual investments in the collection, such as stock certificates.

The concept of financial portfolios dates back to the 1930s, when graduate student Harry Markowitz was searching for a doctoral thesis topic. While researching the stock market, he realized that no consideration was being given to the risk levels of different stocks. This eventually led to a more balanced consideration of "risk versus potential reward" suitability for individual investors.

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